2021 Available Dates

We are very honored that so many couples have chosen the Burrow Warehouse.  

The following dates are currently available for weddings.  If you don't see a date listed, unfortunately it is unavailable.   Cancellations are rare, but should a cancellation happen, we will post the date here as soon as we know it is available. If you are looking for a weekday, please email us at burrowwarehouse@yahoo.com



Friday, 4th

Saturday, 5th



Friday, 18th 

Saturday, 19th

Friday, 25th

Saturday, 26th

Sunday, 27th



Friday, 2nd

Saturday, 3rd

Friday, 9th

Saturday, 10th

Sunday, 11th

Friday, 16th

Saturday, 17th

Sunday, 18th

Friday, 23rd

Saturday, 24th

Sunday, 25th



Friday, 6th

Saturday, 7th

Sunday, 8th

Friday, 13th

Saturday, 14th


Friday, 20th

Saturday, 21st

Sunday, 22nd

Friday, 27th

Saturday, 28th

Sunday, 29th



Friday, 3rd

Saturday, 4th 

Sunday, 5th

Friday, 10th 

Saturday, 11th 

Sunday, 12th

Friday, 17th

Saturday, 18th

Sunday, 19th

Friday, 24th

Saturday, 25th

Sunday, 26th




Sunday, 3rd

Friday, 8th

Saturday, 9th 

Sunday, 10th 

Friday, 15th

Sunday, 17th

Friday, 22nd

Sunday, 24th

Friday, 29th

Saturday, 30th

Sunday, 31st



Friday, 5th 

Saturday, 6th

Sunday, 7th

Friday, 12th

Saturday, 13th

Sunday, 14th

Friday, 19th

Saturday, 20th

Sunday, 21st

Friday, 26th

Saturday, 27th

Sunday, 28th



Friday, 3rd

Saturday, 4th 

Sunday, 5th 

Friday, 10th  

Sunday, 12th 

Friday, 17th 

Sunday, 19th