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Meet The Team

The team members at Burrow Warehouse bring a diverse range of personal interests and backgrounds to their roles within the venue. Kesha , the Designer, has a background in design and long history in hospitality. In his free time, she enjoys crafting, hiking and thrifting. Dana and Amy, Facilitators, both retired teachers and have worked in venues for years. Both have experience in event management and customer service. When they are not working, both enjoy their time with family and being outside. Sam, is a designer that works directly with Kesha to help curate events designs and florals, graduated with a degree in Marketing. He has a background in hospitality, sports management, and coaching. His passions include basketball and cheering for the Chicago Bulls. Lauren, the Social Media & Marketing Manager, has a degree in Broadcasting and Digital Media. She has worked in various industries, focusing on social media management. In her leisure time, she enjoys hot yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and playing the guitar. JC, the Facilities Manager, brings over two decades of experience as a remodeling contractor. When not working at the Burrow Warehouse, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle through the Arizona landscape. Overall, the staff members possess unique educational backgrounds, professional experiences, and personal interests that contribute to the vibrant and dynamic team at Warehouse215.

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