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Thank You

Your tour request is making it's way to our mailbox and we will be excited to learn about your dream day. 

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Just a few reminders:

We have found that it helps to have a good understanding of your guest count and budget prior to our tour. If you could also have a Pinterest board started so discussions can be  made on how we can help you create your dream wedding. If you listed your budget as unknown, Kesha will be reaching out to you with some helpful tips prior to the tour. Figuring a budget is stressful and having a wedding with 150-200 guests will cost 18k -24k on average. Having these details during the tour helps us create your look while trying to stay with in budget. The last thing we want is for you to fall in love with our space and the numbers just don't work out. We will be heart broken as well. We would rather have the tough discussions now before you invest your time and heart with us on a tour because we truly believe that is right thing to do. 

We also ask that all friends and family who need to see the venue join the tour so everyone is comfortable when it comes to signing the contract. Instead of private second tours, we ask you bring your "peeps" that missed out to one of our monthly open houses, so it's great they tag along the first round instead waiting for the next open house. 

Did you know that most everything we will discuss is on the website? We've found couples to be less overwhelmed with information overload if they ( all your friends, family and important peeps) take a good look at the site before arriving. 

This allows less note taking and more envisioning your day.

We recommend you use "Maps" on your phone to find us just in case you are not from area. Make sure you search Avenue and not Street or you might show up at some random house in town. We are one block from the main road in downtown iWest Point. You can't miss our building. 

As a reminder we don't pencil dates in until a contract and deposit have been made. We try our best to update the site often with booked dates and having a couple in mind is always good for "just in case" situations. 

If you need to cancel...we get it.. life happens but we ask that you give us 24 hours notice. Chances are we are making special arrangements to meet you and we sincerely appreciate if you have to cancel for any reason.

Lastly, we are a "no pressure' venue. We truly want what's best for YOU. You never have to worry about signing a contract immediately but if you know that you know that you know we are your choice we can do the paperwork on the spot.. 

If you haven't heard from us in a few days, please shoot us an email at

See ya soon!

Kesha & Captain

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