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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the venue cost to rent? 

Although we have set venue rental fees, we allow you to add with a fee other options.  The Burrow Warehouse can help create an exquisite event around your budget and with the use of decor from our "something borrowed"room.


How long do I get the venue for? 

All events booked are for the entire day 9am - 11:59 PM.  Your time block allows for all set-up, event time, and break-down. Nothing may be set-up any earlier than the contracted times, and the event must be fully broken down by the end time. All events have a last call of 10:15pm We recommend you leave at least two hours for set-up and 1 hours to break down. You are certainly able to add more time if you need it. 

What Kind of Deposit do I need to put down?

When you decide to book your event, our team will put together an estimate for you that includes your venue fees and prop rental. Your reservation date will require a 30% deposit in order to hold the date. The Burrow team will create a payment plan and all fees should be paid in full 30 days prior to the event. 

Please remember that all payments and deposits are non-refundable if you choose to cancel your event. Each monthly payment made is applied to the overall costs and is non-refundable.

If an emergency should arise and a cancelation occurs, the Burrow team will work with you to reschedule on a future date. 

Is there a security deposit?

​Unfortunately with events, damages do happen, so we require that all our clients provide us with a credit card to keep on file. 

Damages may include but are not limited to:

  • Stains on the furnished furniture, linens or walls including: wine, wax, gum, chocolate, coffee, tea, soda, food, grease and/or burns.

  • Damage to walls, paint, furniture, linens, rentals or other equipment.

  • Clogged drains in prep kitchen or restrooms.

  • Damage to the exterior structure including bricks, windows, Alley furniture, landscaping, fencing or Groove Yard

  • Trash bags left inside, all trash should be disposed of by selected vendors as we don't have dumpsters on premises.

  • Any theft of venue property including décor through out the space.

  • Any excessive clean-ups, such as bodily fluids or cigarette butts.

  • Any overtime charges.

  • Time extensions.

  • Additional equipment rentals, particularly as tables and chairs are added the day of for additional guests, vendor needs, or bad weather

What kinds of payment methods do you take?

We accept cash, checks and electronic payments. We do accept all major credit cards with a 3% processing fee. Payments should be mailed to us at:

The Burrow Warehouse 709 4th Avenue, West Point, GA 31833 . If you need to make a payment, please email us and we'd be happy to send you an electronic invoice. 

What rooms are available to rent? 

​The Burrow Warehouse consists of several spaces; The Velveteen Ballroom, The Rhodes Room, The Cocktail area. The Mez, and the Courtyard are booked in collections or add on's. If the entire space is rented for a wedding or large event, all spaces are included but the Courtyard. The Courtyard can be added as an upcharge. Smaller events include the Main Ballroom, The Cocktail area.

On Saturdays and for weddings, the entire space must be reserved unless a party is reserved. 

What special features does each room have? 

The Velveteen Ballroom consists of concrete floors, unique staircase, high ceilings and brick walls. Hanging floral pieces and mirrors help create a chic vibe. 

The Cocktail area has warehouse doors, speakeasy vibe with tufted mustard velvet circular sofas, a unique brick bar and vintage staircase.

The Rhodes Room has wooden floors and ceilings with brick walls and chandeliers.

The Mez is a mezzanine lounge space over looking the The Main Ballroom with a bar. 

The Alley is a unique space for lounging with outdoor furniture or it can be used as a small outdoor ceremony between brick walls.

The Groove Yard is an outdoor area with a roll up door for bands or the sweetheart table. The space can be transformed into a beautiful space for ceremonies, receptions or just a hang out for events. 

What kind of parking is available?

​Like any downtown, parking is available close to the venue. Over 170 spaces free of charge are near the venue for easy walking. Valet parking can also be added to any package.

Does the venue have heating and air conditioning? 

Of course, all spaces indoors have adequate heating and air conditioning units. No one wants to be uncomfortable on their big day! The Alley and Groove Yard are open to the elements, so there is no weather control there. 

Is smoking allowed? 

​We do have a designated smoking area in the outside spaces. If you feel your guests will be smoking tobacco products we can set out appropriate receptacles.

Vape smoking is not allowed in the building.  

Can I decorate?

Of course you can decorate! Although we don't allow glitter, we do allow some outdoor confetti. All table top spaces can be decorated by you and your florist can stand on step stool for decorating arbors. All decorations added to walls, railings or ceilings must be done by a Burrow decorator. The decorator fee is an upcharge to any event to insure the integrity of the venue and depends of items.

Can we drop things off early or pick up our equipment the next day? 

Due to the turnover of our events, we are not able to receive any deliveries or pick-ups before the contracted venue open and close times. We recommend you plan ahead so you are removing all your items immediately after the event ends.

Can we bring our pet(s)? 

We love fur babies! If you want to include your pet(s) in your event, notice prior to the event must be taken​. We encourage you to only have your specific pets at the event and not allowing others to bring theirs for safety reasons. Due to the nature of pets, we encourage someone to be the pet handler to prevent accidents. Please walk dogs in the downtown grass areas and be prepared to clean up after your pet. We also ask that you get a small insurance policy covering your guests if your pet was to harm someone. All paperwork must be turned into the Burrow one month prior to the event. 

What staff will be on-site for my event? 

We always have a team member at your event, and the appropriate number of bartenders, if you ordered a bar service. The team member is responsible for taking care of the building and making sure you get everything you contracted through us. The team member IS NOT an event coordinator, and can't commit to directing your event. If you are booking a wedding with us, we highly recommend hiring one of our in-house  Day of Wedding Coordinators to take care of managing your timeline, directing your vendors, and overseeing your event logistics.

What kind of vendors can I use? 

The Burrow allows you to choose who you want as long as they are a business and have insurance.  We have put together a fantastic list of experienced caterers, musicians, photographers, florists, bakers, and other services that we know do an exceptional job at events.  You can find the list of vendors we love here on our website. All vendors must be approved by our staff before you enter into a contract with them.  

Can I bring my own alcohol?

​Yes! You can bring your own beer, wine and signature cocktails (2) with the addition of our bartenders. 

Can we have a rehearsal on-site?

Some couples prefer to have a rehearsal the week before the wedding. We can also schedule a tentative rehearsal that would take place in a morning time around our scheduled events or the evening of an open date. Typically these are scheduled during Thursdays. 

Can I have my wedding ceremony on-site? 

Absolutely! We have several spaces that can accommodate wall your needs. In the event you have someone handicapped or in a wheelchair that can not get upstairs, we will need to have the ceremony in one room and then go into another room for your cocktail hour while our staff resets the ceremony space for your reception. There is a $500 "flip fee" to cover additional labor charges for our staff to reset a room during an event.

What is allowed for a send-off?

​The send-off is one of our favorite parts of a wedding, we love to see our guests wish the bride and groom off in style. We are open to glow sticks, sparklers, bells, streamers or any items that  that we can clean up quickly. NO GLITTER!. Even items that promise to "wash away" with water aren't easy to clean up and would result in you being charged a clean-up fee.

I'm interested in booking your venue, when can I come see the space? 

We are thrilled to show you our venue! Due to our event schedule, we ask that you make an appointment with a member of our team to see the space. You can call and we would be happy to set up an appointment. You can also Request a Tour here, or check out our Open House calendar where you can stop by with no appointment.

I've already booked with you, now what? 

​There are a lot of elements to planning a spectacular event, and we want to help you every step of the way. Although we are not full event planners, our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Wedding Planning Timeline: When you book a wedding with us, you can now start to relax. We encourage you to use an Event Planner or use us as the Day of Event Coordinator to help your event run smoothly. 

Final Details Meeting: About 6 weeks before your event we will schedule a Final Details Meeting with you. This meeting is when we'll put together your lay-out, finalize your rental order, and tweak your event logistics.  

Designated Decision-Maker: Each party should have a designated decision maker on-site the entire event other than wedding party.  This person will help direct the vendors and handle any issues that may arise. 

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