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Adding A Car to Your Wedding Day

Are you wanting to take your pictures to the next level? It is possible and affordable. The first thing I would decide is if you want to leave in the car or just take pictures with the car. The two can be at much different prices because someone has to drive you and the liability that goes along with having passengers.

We have found that most couples just want the Pinterest worthy photos to share with the world and that is perfectly fine. So where do you begin?

First determine the look. Are you wanting:

- Antique Car

- Vintage Car

- Convertible

- Certain Color

- Truck

- 80’s

The easiest and quickest way to locate your car is to check with the following people in your circle. You would be surprised what people have in their garages.

- Family

- Church Friends

- Social Friends

- Market Place

Usually someone knows someone that knows someone with a car like you desire. Some may do it for free or may charge a little fee to cover travel, detailing or to make a little side cash.

Be mindful when using the car to cover areas where florals will be to keep from scratching the paint. ASK, ASK, ASK to do anything or to sit in non-traditional areas. Now go find a cool car and take some great pics.

Photography- Birds On A Wire Photography

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