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Did You Say Service Fee?

So you finally got your ring and you‘re so excited to start planning your BIG day. Your looking at venues of different styles and now have to do the hard part…. Yup, this is the hardest part. Figure your budget. What works for you isn‘t everyone else’s budget and that‘s okay. Don‘t get discouraged! You can ROCK a wedding with a small budget.

Your looking at venue costs and its a bit overwhelming. Every venue is different and we encourage you to go to our comparison sheet

and make notes at each venue you tour. We we want to be as transparent as possible with all costs. This is why we list the details online for you to review without filling out any information. What sometimes is misleading is when venues state a “PRICE” and in really small print state there is an industry service fee of 20-28%. Lets look at what that looks like.

The Burrow Warehouse DIY standard DIY wedding is $5900 + sales tax

Other venues may charge 6000 + (service fee - $1200 -1680) = $7200 - $7680

Are you concerned about hotel stays? We have made the Burrow Warehouse attainable for couples so that travel can be budgeted into your total cost.

So you are looking at a venue in ATL and its 9k and you are thinking …. Well we don;t have to get a hotel. So we are saving…. But are you really?

This 9k venue is now ——-> 10,800 + sales tax.

Did you see the fine print that a ceremony is one fee and the reception is another fee? We make it easy For you to understand your invoice and to not fear additional costs or hidden fees.

Make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before signing.

Your Burrow Friends


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