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If you are on the hunt for a industrial venue in the south, check out the Burrow Warehouse just outside of Atlanta Georgia. This impressive refurbished warehouse is tucked against the Chattahoochee River and right downtown in West Point for easy convienance.

Why will you love the Burrow Warehouse? The large venue accommodates your guests with plenty of space both indoors and outdoors with their beautiful courtyard with spanish moss. The design layout allows you to curate the space to your vision and did we mention they have thousands of pieces of decor free to use for any booked event. From table top items to vases and stands, you will save thousands on decor alone. Not sure what you want, don't worry. The Burrow Warehouse offering basic venue rentals and inclusive packages that help for a stress free event.

Want your favorite vendors to come. No problem, you can bring just about all your own vendors allowing you to save money. You can also bring your own alcohol saving thousands by not having a minimum dollar amount or over paying per bottle.

Do you ever feel fee'd to death. You saw the venue at one price but by the time they add all these charges the price is twice as much. Don't worry, the Burrow doesn't have any of those fees. If you're unsure if there are an additional fees at the other venues you have toured, ask. They might have them listed in small print as the following:

Ceremony Fee

Minimum Food Fee

Minimum Drink Fee

Bartender Fee and barbacks

Service Fees- are the most popular ranging from 17-22%

and many more.

Still want greenspace pictures? The Burrow Warehouse is located downtown with beautiful areas to take pictures in the woods, along the river, old homes and unique buildings.

Now you know why the Burrow Warehouse is a favorite amoungst couples!

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