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Saving Money Where You Can

So you recently got engaged and the first thing you're doing is figuring a budget. Great, because this is a must. It is a hard discussion but also keeps you on track, relieves unnecessary stress and makes planning your day exciting.

Are you asking the right questions or reading the fine print on their website or contracts? What do you mean.... may be crossing your mind. The very first thing you need to find is your venue. After figuring your budget start searching for your dream location. Venues are beautiful... most all of them and there are many styles so figure out the look you are wanting. Rustic, Barns, a Pond or Industrial may be a keyword you're searching. Browse their website and look for pricing but also look for a few other things because that price can be very misleading when the fine print may have many other fees. I would even consider making a spreadsheet with the following columns.

- Name of venue?

- Price?

- What is included in the price? tables, chairs, linens, décor, piano, out door seating?

- Line fee?

- Is it going to cost you a small fortune to use their caterers.

- Is alcohol bought through them and charged per person or can you BYOB?

- Is there a cork fee?

- Is there a service fee?

- Are taxes included or an additional tax used?

- Is there a fee for parking?

- Is there a walk away cleaning fee?

- Is there a day of planner fee?

- Does the space need to be flipped and the fee?

- Decoration use fee?

These are just a fee... so look closely.

The fact is there are a lot of fees and the last thing you want to do is sign a contract and then see all the add on's.

At the Burrow Warehouse we try to make it simple and attainable. Nothing complicated and nothing that makes you scratch your head. You can use our comparison chart or make your own.

Just know what you're getting into and where you might save money.

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