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I Do..... in 2022

Welcome to the INDUSTRIAL + CHIC Burrow Warehouse

I am Kesha Coniglio, the girl behind the scenes of the Burrow Warehouse. The chick that constantly thinks of crazy ideas that I lure my closest friends and family into helping with. It might be wedding ideas or community events, but most of the time these ideas leave the people I love most scratching their head. I have been blessed with this venue and plan to use it as an incubator of these wild ideas.

For years I have worked in the world of retail, design, wholesale and manufacturing. I fell in love with design, which led me down many different paths. Each path taught me something new and useful to use today. What once started as a retail adventure of failed ownership lead me to the wholesale industry of markets and the manufacturing of my own products. Since then I have sold my own hand drawn designs that have been featured on products and also sold in amazing stores like Pottery Barn. That was an amazing feeling. Talk about boosting your confidence. ha, ha! Design ..... does this! The creative side of your brain doesn't turn off. These creative ideas kept spiraling which ended up with the creation of the Burrow Warehouse.

When my Captain and I started this process we had no idea that three months later COVID would hit and would stop couples from booking their dream day. To say that I wasn't scared was an understatement. I remember thinking "what have we done"? We pushed through that hard year and things are starting to happen like we dreamed about. From the beginning, I wanted a blank space allowing us to be a catalyst in our community and allowing every couple to feel as if their day was created for them. This is one of the reasons we kept every nail in the brick, to help create a unique look that you could envision your dream day looking like.

This year I decided to add a blog to our website to help with ideas, post concerns and bring joy to your planning process. Bring on 2022 and smile because you have just said "YES" to LOVE.

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