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Catering... what should we do?

Boy has catering come along for weddings. Now you have a wide variety of catering companies, restaurants, food trucks and fast food joints delivering food to events. So what is the right choice? They're all right... they're are perfect and they're all yummy for the right couples.

I love seeing couples think through where their money is best spent and just maybe that means on something like a house rather than fancy food. I also love seeing families doing what they love.. food trucks and I love families that know that this day means the world to them and they're going all out.

Whichever direction you go... KNOW one thing. It will be amazing. At the Burrow Warehouse or at any other venue you can certainly use décor to dress up the presentation of your food. The great thing is the Burrow offers props that are conveniently free to use in our packages. From baskets to buckets to trays and stands we have you covered.

Many things you should consider asking are as follows:



Clean up

Busing Tables

Hot Box Use

Catering Team available


Charger availability on tables

Is dishware included


Additional fees

Containers for leftovers... no one can fit those aluminum pans in a refrigerator if it looks like mine

Do they provide TOGO boxes

Do they cut/serve the cake

Do they decorate tables

Do they have an awning for the rain

Does your city charge to have a food truck

Do they provide drinks

How many hours are they going to stay

The list could drag on but this should get you started on creating the food you want on

YOUR big day. Always remember it's a celebration of you two and opinions should be removed.

Much Love,

Your Burrow Team


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