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Stem Lounge at Burrow Warehouse Redefines In-House Floral Design

In the creative realm of event planning and design, the ambiance created by floral arrangements can transform a space, weaving a tapestry of beauty and elegance. At the forefront of of design is the Stem Lounge, the in-house floral design brand at Burrow Warehouse. This unique addition offers a plethora of advantages that elevate the event experience for both hosts and attendees.

Complimentary Access to Premium Vessels, Stands, and Arches.

One standout feature of Stem Lounge's services is the wide collection of vessels, stands, and arches that can be borrowed free of charge for clients. This not only saves clients the hassle of sourcing these items independently but also ensures a seamless integration of the floral design with the overall event aesthetic. Stem Lounge's curated collection of high-quality accessories allows for an effortlessly cohesive and visually stunning event space.

Elimination of Travel Fees for Setup

In the world of event planning, logistical considerations are paramount. Stem Lounge eliminates the need for clients to grapple with travel fees for setup, streamlining the process and contributing to a stress-free planning experience. With Stem Lounge as the in-house floral design team in Burrow Warehouses Inclusive Packages, the focus can remain on the creative vision and execution, knowing that the team is already on-site and ready to bring the floral magic to life.

Absence of Strike Fees for Take Down

The convenience of Stem Lounge extends beyond setup, as clients can revel in the absence of strike fees for take down. In-house florists inherently understand the venue's layout and logistics, ensuring a swift and efficient breakdown process without incurring additional costs.

Repurposing Florals for Added Charm

Stem Lounge goes above and beyond by using any remaining florals, ensuring that no bloom goes to waste. These additional blossoms can be creatively utilized in smaller fill-in areas, such as cocktail tables, near a guest book, on the gift table, at the bar, or adorning a piano. This thoughtful approach adds a touch of continuity to the event, creating a harmonious flow that captivates guests from the moment they arrive at ono additional costs.

On-Site Solutions for Floral Mishaps

n the unpredictable world of event execution, the Stem Lounge team offers a reassuring advantage – the ability to address and rectify floral mishaps on-site. Whether it's fixing a floral arrangement that has shifted during the event or recreating a broken boutonniere, the Stem Lounge team is equipped with the expertise and resources to seamlessly handle any unexpected challenges. This commitment to excellence ensures that the floral design remains impeccable, leaving a lasting impression on event attendees and the wedding party.

Stem Lounge at Burrow Warehouse emerges as a beacon of innovation in the realm of event design, reshaping the landscape with its in-house floral design services. The advantages offered, from complimentary access to premium accessories to on-site solutions for floral hiccups, redefine the standard for excellence in event floristry. With Stem Lounge, the journey from conceptualizing a vision to witnessing it bloom into reality becomes an enchanting and stress-free experience for all couples.


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